The Mother Tongue

Intimacy in the Eco-Field

August 22, 2012
by admin

The Conversation Begins

The Mother Tongue Hypothesis

Here are the headlines of The Mother Tongue Hypothesis as a topological chart to assist us. Each of these points will be explored as we proceed with our trip and conversation.

  • The information in the eight standing waves enters the individual and/or group through the tuning device of the inner council of selves. Although there are many tuning devices, all downloads finally have to come into human awareness through the inner council. Hopefully, an aware space opens (the aware-ego) through which the downloads can pass with discernment, thus creating a better context for choices and practices.
  • The vessel for riding the ascending and descending currents lies in Nature-based communities strong enough to weather the turbulence of environmental and cultural pressure. Communities closely connected to Nature speak intimately with rising conditions in the field. Note the Onge.
  • Both the descent down the river and the ensuing ascent upward move with the power of primordial energy retrieved from the shamanic domain. Sans high-grade shamanic and sustainable fuel, communities dissolve in the turbulence of external and internal pressure.
  • In the crucial ascent after retrieving access to the primordial, the Earth-based community reads the code of each of the eight eco-field waves. It integrates the potential wisdom of each standing wave and transports the undigested wisdom to the apex of the spiral. Along the way a lyrical language of intimacy with humans and more-than-humans emerges. Sojourners are multi-lingual but always returning to Mother Earth’s primal tongue.
  • Finally, The Mother Tongue Hypothesis includes The Eco-field Hypotheses: one and two (EFH1 & EFH2), to be engaged in Chapters Seven and Eight.